YouTube Singer Tori Kelly Announces Upcoming #FillAHeart Tour

YouTube singer-songwriter Tori Kelly announced this week that she will be performing in her first ever cross-country tour. Her tour, named Fill A Heart, will begin April 8th in San Francisco, California and conclude April 23rd in Chicago, Illinois.

Kelly first began uploading her videos onto YouTube over five years ago and throughout the years has created a following of over 300 thousand subscribers and close to 31 million video views.

In her past interview with NMR, Kelly described her musical style as “a mixture of a bunch of different styles. I’ve always had a hard time putting a label on anything I do, but I think it definitely falls under pop music.”

On her fan following and working in new media, Kelly told NMR:

I think it’s awesome that we have YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and social media now. I think I’ve gotten a taste of both worlds since I was signed at a really young age. I was signed when I was 12 so I got to experience the industry side of it, being in a studio with producers and photoshoots and stuff. I think it’s been awesome to have this actual outlet where you can kind of just — I mean I can film a video of whatever I want and just throw it up and get people’s feedback on it.”

Tickets go on sale this Friday, March 1st and they will offer her fans a chance to see the talented Kelly outside of the YouTube world and on stage.


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