YouTube To Launch Free Satellite Platform In The UK

Television watchers in the United Kingdom will have easy access to cat videos by the end of the March.


The Daily Telegraph is reporting that YouTube is collaborating with the free satellite broadcasting service Freesat so that viewers can watch the best of the video-streaming site on their top-box. The new app makes it easier for Freesat’s 3 million households to watch their favorite video clips and web series without having to connect a laptop or other device to the television.

Peter Sherman, Product Marketing Manager for YouTube, said in a statement: “We’re happy to be working with Freesat so that Freesat users can now access YouTube from the platform. Our creator community is developing quality content that will delight and inspire viewers and we’re pleased to be able to bring it to people in new ways.”

YouTube’s UK deal is notable considering that it is trying to make a name for itself as an alternative to cable and satellite television programming by investing in more than 100 original channels in the United States and many more in countries like France, Japan and the United Kingdom.

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