YouTuber Zack James Talks ‘Prank Tour’ & Its Message Against Network Malpractice


On face value “Prank Tour” is exactly what it sounds like. It’s madcap, it’s silly and crass. Sometimes it’s disgusting, and sometimes it’s anxiety-inducing in its brazen pranking. If you focus on the surface of this movie it will deliver exactly what its title promises — a national tour where hopeless strangers are fucked with. However, if you dive deeper past the film’s veneer of gags and goofballery, “Prank Tour” represents something much larger.

The cast of “Prank Tour” reads like a police report of YouTubers you should probably never trust, the kinds of creators who live to screw with the unsuspecting public. There are appearances by Stevie Boebi (SassiBob), Steve Kardynal of cross-dressing lip sync fame, past NMR featured guest Brock Baker, plus several more YouTubers who specialize in ruining people’s days.


“Prank Tour” may be the largest collaboration of popular YouTubers outside of last year’s “Rewind YouTube Style 2012” video. The amazing thing about “Prank Tour” however, is that the entire film was made without the assistance of YouTube networks, something that Zack James, a star in the film and outspoken advocate for fair network practices, is absolutely ecstatic about.

“It’s [‘Prank Tour’] YouTubers being given a chance to create premium content — content that Google has been trying to invest into, hundreds of millions of dollars. And it’s not working because they are not investing into the creators,” James explains, detailing the message that the cast of “Prank Tour” is trying to impart on the YouTube community. He adds, “Let’s look at some of these other companies that are given $5 million dollars, and their channels blow. So when you give creators a chance, us a chance to create premium content and be given the resources and opportunities to do that, then we’re really creating a product that has not been seen before.”



The creators of “Prank Tour” are hoping to make the film a beacon for other YouTubers tired of the modern network system, but looking to stay a part of the quickly factioning community. As James explains, the movie itself is a message: “We have came [sic] together and created a movie, a movie about YouTubers working together, living together and having fun together, and it is the most organic life-changing experience we’ve ever had.”

To check out “Prank Tour” visit the official web site and YouTube channel. And for more thoughts from James about the film, check out the video interview above.

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