10 Playlist Live 2013 Panels Every YouTube Creator Should Attend


YouTube and new media personalities and industry people are converging in Orlando this weekend for Playlist Live, which, along with this summer’s VidCon, are the two biggest online video industry conventions. Personalities like Jason Horton, Sarah Penna and ShayCarl are expected to host some of the panels at the convention’s Business Day, which is this Friday.

If you’re visiting Orlando this weekend, here are NMR’s ten panels that you should definitely check out. For more information about the panels, check out playlist-live.com/schedule.

A The State of the Industry: How Television is Changing as Online Video Becomes the Preference for a Huge Audience

When: Friday, March 22  11:00 am – 11:30 am

Where: Room A

Revision 3 CEO Jim Louderback will give his take on the state of online video. Since he helped spearhead Discovery Communication’s acquisition of Revision3, you can expect him to talk about the growing influence of television on this growing industry.


Jim Louderback – CEO, Revision3

Gaming, Cooking & _______: How a Niche Becomes an Industry

When: Friday, March 22 11am – 12pm

Where: Room B

The great thing about YouTube is that niche content can work without having to follow mainstream standards. YouTube is the reason why gaming channels like Machinima can thrive and create a multi-million industry. This panel will discuss how YouTube niches can grow into something larger.


Adande Thorne – YT channel: swoozie

Ingrid Nielsen – YT channel: missglamorazzi

Jon Paula – YT channel: jogwheel

Barry Taylor – YT channel: sortedfood

Steve Greene – YT channel: stevegreenecomedy

GloZell Green – YT channel: glozell1

Jimmy Wong – YT channel: jimmy

Going Long: YouTubers Making Feature Films

When: Friday, March 22 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm

Where: Room A

With the success of AwesomenessTV’s “Mindless Behavior: All Around The World” in movie theaters and YouTubers like Dan Dobi and Michael Gallagher trying to put their foot into feature films, the YouTube and the movie industries are converging. These YouTube directors will talk in this panel about how they got their foot in the door in the movie industry.


Lamarr Wilson – “The World’s Funniest Tech Reporter” and presenter

Dan Dobi – Director of “Please Subscribe”

Michael Gallagher – Maker Studios talent, director of “Smiley”

Jonah Green – YT channel: mutantboyfriend, director of “Insight”

Year of the YouTube Network: Roles Defined

When: Friday, March 22  12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

Where: Room B

The biggest players in producing YouTube content are the networks. They may not be household names just yet, but companies like Maker Studios, AwesomenessTV and Alloy Digital are leading the way in building multi-channel networks and they’re growing at a rapid pace. These panelists will discuss what multi-channel networks are and what it means for the online video industry.


Robyn Schneider – robynisrarelyfunny

Tim Glenn – VP of Partnerships, Alloy Digital

Sarah Penna – Co-Founder & Head of Talent, Big Frame

Margaret Laney – Chief Marketing Officer, AwesomenessTV

Stephanie Horbaczewski – President & CEO, StyleHaul

Will Keenan – Director of Programming, Network Optimization, Maker Studios

Music Promotion in 2013: YouTube as the Worlds Biggest Music Site

When: Friday, March 22  12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

Where: Room A

This YouTube panel will discuss how the video streaming site is a hotbed of musical activity and what musicians on YouTube are doing to promote their work. The panelists will discuss ways of reaching their audience and how they monetize their content in the age where music on television is slowly fading away.

Adam Winer, Director, Fuse

Matt & Mazy, Co-Founders – Tracks.by

Lori Cox – Artist Manager

Daniel Rosen – General Manager, VlogU & FAM, Fullscreen

Megan Tonjes – YT channel: tonjesml

Mike Tompkins – Talent, Maker Studios, miketompkins

Contracts: What Am I Signing?

When: Friday, March 22  1:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Where: Room A

You’ve made your first viral video and now you have production companies wanting to work with you. What do you do? Hear these panelist talk about the types of contracts available to content creators and understanding what you’re about to sign.


Brandon Epstein, Management & Strategy, Baily Blues

Michael Bienstock – CEO, Semaphore Tax & Business Solutions

Jon Paula – jogwheel

Molly Templeton – Director of Talent and Audience Development, My Damn Channel

Andy Faberlle – Director of Partnerships, Maker Studios

Debra Baum – CEO, DB Entertainment, LLC

Bridging the Gap: Tips on Collaborating with Creators

Collaborating with other creators is a great way of gaining views and subscribers for everyone. But what are the best ways of approaching creators for a project? YouTubers like Mysteryguitarman, Jason Horton and Olga Kay will talk about successful ways to collaborate with other content creators.

When: Friday, March 22  1:30 pm – 2:00 pm

Where: Room A


Ricardo Ordieres – Presenter

Russell Weissman – Director of Network & Channel Development for Comedy & Entertainment, Maker Studios

Mike Falzone – YT channel: mikefalzone

Joe Penna – YT channel: mysteryguitarman

Jason Horton – YT channel: jasonhorton

Olga Kay – YT channel: olgakay

Jennxpenn – YT channel: jennxpenn

Identity & Branding: Developing a Consistent Brand

When: Friday, March 22  2:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Where: Room B

Changing your logo and identity in new media may seem easy, but it does take a lot of effort for your audience to familiarize themselves with your brands. This panel discusses how developing your brand is crucial and requires more than just cutting and pasting stuff on your videos.


Clark Orr – Designer & Brand Consultant at Clark Orr Design Company

Molly Templeton – Director of Talent and Audience Development, My Damn Channel

Mitchell Davis – YT channel: livelavalive

Vincent Cyr – YT channel: cyr1216

Karen Kavett – YT channel: xperpetualmotion

Full Time Pranking: Making a Career with Prank Videos

When: Friday, March 22  3:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Where: Room B

Practical jokes have also found a home on YouTube and pranksters like Ed Bassmaster and prankvsprank are leading the way. Hear them, as well as other YouTube jokesters talk about finding full-time success in pranking others.


Andrea Russett – YT channel: andrearussett

Ed Bassmaster – Talent, Maker Studios

Jesse Wellens – YT channel: prankvsprank

Sam Pepper – YT channel: officialsampepper

Justin Stuart – YT channel: jstustudios

Jay Lichtenberger & Brian Medeiros – YT channel: thescarysnowman

Self Promotion: What to do after You Upload

When: Friday, March 22  6:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Where: Room A

The most important thing for content creators to do besides creating content is promotion. Gaining publicity for your latest cat video or hilarious web series takes just as much effort as creating the video. How do the top content creators connect with their audiences and ensure that they check out their content?  Hear personalities like Grace Helbig and Shay Carl talk about the work that comes after every upload.


Grace Helbig – YT channel: dailygrace, presenter

Jess Lizama – YT channel: exoticjess

Shay Carl – Co-Founding Talent, Maker Studios

Andre Meadows – YT channel: BlackNerdComedy

Vanessa Pappas – Head of Audience Development, YouTube

For more details and information on the Playlist LIVE schedule: http://playlist-live.com/schedule/

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