3 Reasons Why Facebook’s Latest Layout Changes Will Improve Your Experience

Facebook is currently launching one of its biggest layout changes in many years. Mark Zuckerberg announced during a press conference at company headquarters Thursday that Facebook’s often-cluttered news feeds, launched in 2006, would finally be getting a significant revamp that would include several dedicated feeds based on interests. Sources had speculated before the announcement that that would be the case, but Zuckerberg and his team also announced other changes: Facebook users could expect more image-heavy posts and a more mobile-based platform.

These changes are long overdue and will help increase Facebook interaction while reflecting the shift in mobile usage. Here are three reasons why the Facebook updates are great for users.

Image-Heavy Layout Will Make It More Appealing


Facebook and social media users in general love photos. While Facebook has lagged in making photo posts shine, sites like Tumblr and even Twitter have brought images front and center for its users. The new Facebook layout calls for less emphasis on text and more on visuals. Users will see status updates embedded inside a photo so that the image is the one telling the story. Images are what people on Facebook want to see, and bigger and clearer images should draw in and keep users on the site longer.

A Mobile-Based Platform Makes Things More Consistent


Facebook currently has three different layouts — desktop, tablet and mobile. The problem with having three different layouts is that some functions on the desktop, like updating your cover photo, won’t work on your smartphone. That will change with the one-layout platform. In line with Facebook’s plans to make it a more image-heavy social media network, the one-layout platform will bring a consistent, more mobile-based experience. What you see on your desktop will be almost the same on your smartphone and tablet.

No More Sifting Through The Noise


The one problem many users have with the current news feed layout is the trouble of sorting out what’s new, what’s old and what’s relevant to their interests. Facebook’s changes now make it easier to find and sort your updates based on several categories, including news, photos and music. If you want to see every update from your friends, the news feed is now sorted in chronological order, so you won’t have to toggle with “Top Stories” and “Most Recent” every time you visit Facebook.

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