5 Best FREE Video Editing Apps For Your iPhones and Androids

These days, the basic camera apps included on iPhones and Androids seem like they’re just not enough. If you’ve got a video on your smartphone that you want to share with your friends, but need to add the right finishing touches, many apps that make it easy to add simple things like filters or edit videos to near-professional quality are available for free on iTunes and in the Google Play store. Check out the five handiest free video editing apps for your smartphone right now.

1. Socialcam


Think of Socialcam as an Instagram for web videos. Not only can you add filters to your videos and then share it with your social networks, Socialcam also lets you watch your uploaded videos anywhere on any device. The Socialcam app also lets you shoot video in 720p HD quality and utilizes HDR functionality to color-correct videos in real time.

2. YouTube Capture


Capture is YouTube’s very own video-editing app. You can shoot and edit videos from your smartphone in 1080p HD quality and instantly share your final product with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Some other interesting features on this app include a reminder to rotate your phone while filming, image stabilizer, soundtracks and much more.

3. Viddy


Viddy came out before Vine, and what sets this short-video app apart is that users can film their videos for longer — up to 30 seconds. Like Socialcam, this app also has multiple filters that help enhance the look and feel of the video as well as more audio tracks for sound effects. To hype up their app, Viddy recently partnered with YouTube to launch a weekly viral video web series.

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