5-Year-Old Girl Frolicking With 14 German Shepherds Video is So Weird You Can’t Look Away



There must be something in the air today, because weird YouTube videos keep popping up like herpes at a fraternity party. Okay, I’ll be honest, after working at NMR for a certain amount of time you become desensitized to the internet’s weirdest. A baby being nursed by a three-legged monkey — seen it. Watching a girl eat a used tampon for a dare — eh, it happens. But watching “Litle Girl 5 years Playing with 14 German Shepherds,” I feel that the video has brought me out of my desensitized state of hibernation.

It is not an epic video by any means — for pete’s sake the entire summary of the one-minute film is placed in the title. But watching the little girl throw grass in the air while being surrounded by 14 dogs leaves a lot of questions. Where did she get all those dogs? Why am I so entertained by the crazy girl throwing grass? What would I myself do if I had the chance to frolic among a herd of animals? I have few answers for you readers, but my recommendation: Watch the video after a couple of shots of vodka for some extra cinematic magic. You’re welcome.

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