6-Year-Old Girl Breakdances Like A Boss, Leaves Boys In The Dust [VIDEO]

This weekend while I was competing in the World Breakdancing Championship Finals to defend my titles, I began to hear rumors of a breakdancing prodigy who was supposedly going to change the game for dancers everywhere. But like all the great, ignorant champions before me — Oedipus, Icarus — I refused to believe that my sprinkler/running man choreography could be topped. That’s until I saw the video. Holy shit, this 6-year old girl can dance.

After watching the YouTube video of Terra dancing at the Chelles Battle Pro competition in France, I was left in awe of her head spins, backward floor-crawling and boss-like attitude. I just can’t keep up with these youngsters any longer , so I’ve decided to announce my retirement from the breakdancing world. I just can’t keep up with these youngsters any longer. So dance on for all of us, tiny, yet incredibly strong, dancer, dance on.


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