A Day Behind the Scenes with SourceFed [EXCLUSIVE]

Oh, SourceFed. Why you all so crazy? Last week, the NMR team and I had the chance to go hang out with Elliot, Joe, Lee, Trisha, Meg and Steve at DeFranco HQ, hidden deep inside a volcano on a remote island somewhere in the pacific ocean. After the long helicopter ride and a quick stop to see our first glimpses of a real living Brachiosaurus, a bag was thrown over our heads and we were rushed quickly into their office.

The day was filled with laughs I can only describe as “giggle shits,” as Joe Bereta showed us around the office, introduced the SourceFed hosts and staff, and showed us how each and every episode of “SourceFed” is made. I also got to snag some behind the scenes footage of an episode of “Truth or Dare,” and a bunch of other … well … just watch the video. Check it out below, and be sure to stick around until the end for the unofficial release of Steve and Joe’s smash hit song, “President of Sex.” Seriously though, guys. Record that shit — it’s hilarious.

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