Alex Day is Talented, Funny and British — A Triple Threat [INTERVIEW]

Alex Day is quite “cheeky.” I’m not sure what that means exactly, but it sounds British, and since he’s British, I feel like it applies (I bet he’s glad I didn’t choose other Brit-slang descriptives like “Minge” or “Nonce” though). Yes, I could look up the definition on the internet where he’s a huge star (and quickly heading towards being a huge star off the internet as well), but I am perhaps a bit “cheeky” as well.

Recently I got to sit down with the man of many hats (both figuratively and literally) to discuss how one guy can run a podcast, a YouTube channel, a hit singing career and still be damn likeable and down to earth (dammit, I knew I should have learned to be funny, talented and down to earth when I was little).

When he isn’t making commentary on dreadful books or paling around with his friends for his podcast, he’s either working on his solo career or his band project Chameleon Circuit. I guess British people just have more hours in their day or something.

Check out this interview, and stay all the way to the end, because in addition to explaining just what the hell a “Nerimon” is, he also answers a couple questions from his fans. Of which, he just made one more.


Also, make sure to buy his new album, dropping March 17th.            

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