Alex Of Wassabi Productions Explains Why Everyone Wants To See Him Shirtless [INTERVIEW]


What’s the weirdest thing anyone has ever sent you?

A cake was left outside our door I think for Roi’s birthday one time. We get some weird stuff in our P.O. box.

What kind of stuff?

Like certain inappropriate pictures [laughs].

Has having such a big female fanbase ever been a problem in your past relationships?

I think every one of my girlfriends have had a problem with it. They didn’t mind that it was happening; they thought it was cool. But it’s just that I am so involved with talking with my fans, and I’m always worried about my fans and posting pictures and trying to communicate — that takes a lot of time from my girlfriends. I’m always filming and talking about scripts and new ideas, and my life is Wassabi; a lot of my life is Wassabi.

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