Alex Of Wassabi Productions Explains Why Everyone Wants To See Him Shirtless [INTERVIEW]


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Why do you think the first two Google search results of your name are “Shirtless” and “Birthday”?

I go shirtless very rarely, not a common thing. But, when I do, things get crazy. I’m a March baby; I was born in March so my birthday is coming, so that might be it.

Did you learn about filmmaking through YouTube?

I didn’t know anything. I was like the class clown in school, and Roi was like the smart one, and he was always getting good grades and on the lacrosse team. I was just the kid who liked to make people laugh. I tried, but I didn’t do too well in high school because school was always a daily audience for me. So everyday I would wait around the corner right before the bell rang and dive in the class just to make everybody laugh.

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