Alex Of Wassabi Productions Explains Why Everyone Wants To See Him Shirtless [INTERVIEW]


Is there anything about working with Roi that drives you crazy?

A lot of times with the script, I’ll take the lead without knowing it. And i’ll be like, “Okay, no you go there. Wait, we have to move the camera — the lighting is wrong. Okay, you stay there. I’ll say this, you say this,” and he’ll be like, “Okay, sounds good. Okay.” But sometimes, we’ll butt heads on what angle we want to use or what to say, stuff like that. Just normal stuff. We’ve never gotten in a fight.

How did you two first meet?

He lived down the street from me, but before I moved into his neighborhood our families are Filipino so they all knew each other. I knew his parents, and my parents knew his parents, and I knew that they had kids but I didn’t really know Roi until later.

Why are you two so compatible with each other?

I say things before thinking about it, and he’s more down to earth and keeps me calm, keeps me from making the mistake of saying something I shouldn’t have said. And I think I break him out of his shell a little bit. “Oh my god, go talk to that girl. Get it, Get it.” [laughs] He’s like, “No, no.” Stuff like that. I push him, and he tames me. He taught himself how to edit videos, how to play ukulele, play guitar, play drums, play keyboard and then other things I can’t remember. He’s just very motivated and dedicated and patient. More patient, a lot more patient.

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