Alex Of Wassabi Productions Explains Why Everyone Wants To See Him Shirtless [INTERVIEW]


Do you often help Roi out with the ladies?

[laughs] Well, he’s not here so … I guess a little bit. Back in the day though, this was like high school, and he saw how I could just talk to girls and flirt and stuff, and he asked me to help him, and I just went overboard. I went hard. I was “I got you,” and I started writing notes and stuff. Okay, if she does this, you do this. If she says this, do this. Don’t ever forget to do this. And then I gave it to him, and he studied it. And I was like, wow, this is a great protégé. And he would text me; he’d go on dates, and he would text me what she just said or what just happened, and I would tell him what to do next. And I was on a date one time and he started texting me, and my date left because I wouldn’t stop texting him [laughs]. She left in the middle of the movie. I was like, “I’m sorry — I gotta help my bro.”

If you could have coffee with any YouTuber, who would it be?

YouTuber … hmm … [laughs] I guess Melanie Iglesias. Oh, you know what I’m talking about [laughs].

Any upcoming projects?

Actually, for March, we’re doing Music March, so four parodies ‘cause people love music parodies. So a couple of them will have Rolando, and some Alex and Roi, and some all four of them. We’re excited to do that. We’re in the writing process.  We post every Wednesday — Wasabi Wednesdays.


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