Anthony Adams Announces Retirement From NFL With Hilarious YouTube Video



I love smart people.

Anthony Adams, an NFL player for the San Francisco 49ers and Chicago Bears, just announced his retirement on YouTube. Hilariously.

This is a genius move because it is innovative and novel and it makes people like me give a damn. I love football, but only knew Anthony Adams’ name in passing. He was never a breakout top tier player though, so likely his retirement notice would have been a quick footnote on the NFL Network. But because Adams took the initiative to show some humor, now he’s set himself up for a possible hosting gig on a sports show. He’s relatable, he’s funny, he looks like a teddy bear — who wouldn’t hire him? Hell, I might even offer him a job in my fight-to-the-death martial arts tournament on a strange and forbidden island … so to say the least, this young man used social media effectively and now he has created some options for himself. Class dismissed, people.

Be sure to stay through to the very end of the video for one last laugh.

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