Attend the ISA Show This Sat. to See WongFu, FreddieW, David Choi, Clara C for FREE

Ever wanted to see your favorite YouTubers compete to the death for fame and fortune?! [cue epic music and fireworks] Well this is your chance!

ISAtv just announced plans to film their newest show, the Game Show, this weekend in Los Angeles and are looking for enthusiastic fans to fill the stands of the show’s audience. The game show will feature two teams made up of famous YouTubers who will be competing in ridiculous challenges that will mix comedy with live musical performances.

ISAtv just announced that competitors will feature a long line up of YouTubers such as David Choi, Jen FrmHeadToToe, Clara C, Freddie Wong & Brandon Laatsh, Arden Cho, Ted Fu, Wesley Chan, Mike Song and Anthony Lee. The show is set to be hosted by Philip Wang and Amy Okuda and has left the very special position of punisher up to YouTube’s boy wonder KevJumba. So should you be free this Saturday and want to accomplish your dream of meeting the Wong Fu boys, sign up here for this free event before tickets run out!

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