‘Average Party’ Trailer Shows The High School Party We All Remember But Wish We Didn’t


Remember those insane alcohol-washed high school parties that carried on into the early morning hours? Those parties where getting laid was not only a possibility but a certainty? Can you recall events so outrageous that not even god himself could control its sheer epicness? Yeah, me either.

High school parties sucked. It’s safe to say that every single Hollywood movie about “The World’s Craziest Party!!!!” is bullshit.

The last time someone tried a “Project X”-style party, riot police came, someone got shot and lessons were learned.

Yet, ol’ Johnny Malibu over at Paramount keeps churning out wild party movies that inevitably produce a trailer where someone looks at their phone and reads “OMG! Crazy Effin’ Part 2Nite” while Skrillex or some other garbage ramps up in the background.

Mercifully, the fine folks at Woodhead Entertainment have created a trailer for the high school party experience we all so clearly remember, which is to say a room full of dudes all telling each other, “No, dude, I know this chick — she has a ton of hot friends and they are on their way.” Ah, the memories.

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