AwesomenessTV Founder on Mindless Behavior’s Movie Box Office Success

At 117 AMC theaters nationwide over the weekend, a boy band concert film and documentary is gaining attention not only because it made on average $4,351 per screen, but because it is one of the most prominent film releases by a YouTube channel.

AwesomenessTV, a YouTube network founded by television and film producer Brian Robbins that focuses on teenage audiences, just released its first film “Mindless Behavior: All Around the World,” which features the highly successful boy band Mindless Behavior. The group released their second album, also titled “All Around The World,” early last week.

The young R&B quartet, which includes members Prodigy, Princeton, Ray Ray and Roc Royal, has seen much success with their singles “My Girl” and “Mrs. Right” and have been a fixture on AwesomessTV for almost a year now. They currently star in their own web series called “Mindless Behavior Takeover,” which follows the group as they are on their world tour for their debut album “#1 Girl.” Some of the footage from the “Takeover” has been used for the film.

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Robbins told NMR that he attributes the success of the “All Around The World” film to the group’s strong and loyal fanbase and strong promotion towards AwesomenessTV’s nearly 412,000 subscribers.

He said:

“The Mindless fans are loving the film. They can’t get enough Mindless. The band went on a 12 city marketing tour for the new album and film. We had word-of-mouth fan screenings in all the markets that Mindless Behavior visited. Mindless and AwesomenessTV both leveraged their social media platforms plus YouTube channels to spread the word about the film.”

The series itself already has a strong following on AwesomenessTV, with Robbins saying that the series has attracted more than 10 million views and that episodes are generally getting six-figure views on YouTube. This also helped Mindless Behavior perform well in the box office this past weekend.

The numbers coming out of the “All Around The World” film are interesting considering its limited release and the fact that the movie has only screened at select AMC theaters where the group has a strong social media following. With their success at AMC theaters this past weekend, AwesomenessTV is expanding the film’s reach to more movie theaters this upcoming weekend and beyond.

Besides Mindless Behavior’s web series, AwesomenessTV features content not only from Mindless Behavior but also teen dramas like the murder mystery “Runaways” and “The View”-like panel show for girls “IMO” or “In My Opinion” for short.

In light of “All Around The World’s” limited-screening success, Robbins said that AwesomenessTV is more than just a YouTube network.

He added: “We are the next generation media company. Our content will travel to any and all platforms that make the most sense to reach our audience.”

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