Baby Lion and Dog Best Friends Will Make You Believe In Love [VIDEO]

I know I am on my way to a good weekend when my Friday morning begins with me melting into a large pile of goo from the cuteness of an animal video. YouTube, you’ve done it again. The video captures best friends Honey the dog and Kwanza the white lion cub playing and snuggling, and are, to quote my cat-obsessed editor Matthew Manarino, “so cute I just want to punch it right in it’s cute face.” (Don’t worry, PETA, he’s kidding … I think.)

Kwanza and Honey first became acquainted after Kwanza’s mother stopped producing milk for her cub, leading him to be raised by the owners of Darling Downs Zoo. During his time staying with the family, Kwanza spent his days exploring and playing with the owner’s pup Honey. So hold onto your heart, because it’s about to explode from a “Lion King” meets “Fox and the Hound” kind of magic when you watch the video.