‘Bad Motherf**ker’ Music Video is the Best Thing On The Internet [Hell Yes, VIDEO]



Okay, we can all go home. The internet has been won.

Like the xenophobic race to get the first man into space preceding it by about five decades, the Russians have, once again, beaten us.

In posting a music video for the song “Bad Motherfucker” by Biting Elbows, Mother Russia has defied all previous definitions of awesomeness in order to piss-burn her legacy all over my computer screen. I was saving that phrase in case Jesus came back and needed an incredibly foul “hype man,” but, well, good work today, commies.

The video, which plays as the world’s most violent first person shooter game, includes a dog being blasted through a window, an exploding car, more blood than a Tarantino film and a fight atop old fighter jets. Also, there is some sort of portal-shifting involved. Oh, and a man gets beat to death with a briefcase. If that doesn’t sell you on watching this amazing-ass homespun action film, well then, we have nothing more to talk about.

Oh yeah, and the song isn’t bad either.       

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