Berklee College and YouTube Host ‘Hack Day,’ Viral Video Training Seminar


The Berklee College of Music in Boston is the world’s largest independent college of contemporary music. It’s also the former home of two of the world’s most viral sensations on YouTube: PSY, who briefly studied at Berklee before becoming a Korean pop and global sensation with his one-billion view song “Gangnam Style,” and duo Karmin, who were known for their cover of Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now” before becoming global pop stars with original songs like “Brokenhearted”.

Berklee and YouTube are teaming up on a two day-long seminar training 500 Berklee students who hope to become the next viral star. This weekend’s “Berklee YouTube Hack Day” is slated to become “an exclusive viral training ground” with four-hour TED-style lectures for the students, who will then have 21 hours to shoot, edit and upload their soon-to-be viral videos.

Three YouTube experts will critique and curate the selected submissions. The panel of experts includes YouTuber and NMR friend AJ Rafael; Nils Gums, CEO and president of the Complex Group, which manages Karmin; and YouTube Lead Strategist of Next Lab Partner Development Ryan Nugent.

Hack Day expert and NMR friend AJ Rafael told us:

“I was honored to be asked to actually help put this together. It wasn’t necessarily a YouTube video project before, it was just supposed to be a little mini conference type thing. I guess I’m a bit nervous to speak at my old school, especially at the BPC (Berklee performance center) because the first person I saw speak there was the legendary John Mayer. It’s kinda cool that some of these students know who I am and know that I went to Berklee. I’m happy that Berklee is acknowledging independent talent that comes out of there, and out of this social media era. This is gonna be an awesome weekend of meeting so many talented people who want to get into making YouTube videos and making their own moves.”


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