Beyonce Releases New Track ’Bow Down/I Been On’ Onto Tumblr


All the single ladies put your hands up if you like Beyonce’s new track. Need a little more time? Yeah, us too.

Fresh off of her Superbowl performance and the release of her documentary, Beyonce is making news once again with the highly anticipated release of her new track “Bow Down/I Been On.”  The first piece of music to be released since her album “4” came out two years ago, “Bow Down/ I Been On” was released today onto Beyonce’s Tumblr with the golden message: Beyonce is just an everyday girl.

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While we know this to be false– I mean I don’t have the president of the United States on speed dial– the track takes us down memory lane as Beyonce reminisces about her days before super stardom where she was just a girl bumping UGK in the parking lot. Despite Beyonce’s attempts to normalize herself, “Bow Down/I Been On” has left some critics wondering if the song is at all believable?

Maybe past the 17 carat engagement ring and penthouse life, Beyonce is just an everyday girl at heart who chose to further push this “normal” image by releasing her track onto a social media platform like Tumblr. So decide for yourself, but my conclusion: you can’t not love the Queen Bey.

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