‘Cat Taking Dog Home’ Viral Video Captures Bizarre Moment Of Feline, Canine Friendship

A cat dragging its canine companion home by the leash — now you’ve officially seen it all.

It is a pretty established rule that cats and dogs cannot be friends. While felines pride themselves on grooming, dogs take joy in rolling around in as much mud as possible. Cats will spend their days lounging in the sun thinking up plans of world domination while dogs pass the time chasing the same ball for hours on end. They don’t enjoy the same food or hobbies or forms of entertainment. Just like oil and water, through all their bickering and fights, dogs and cats just don’t seem able to mix.

But here to prove us all wrong, the “Cat Taking Dog Home” video shows the unlikely friendship between these two species. In a move that says, “Let’s go home, dog, you’re drunk,” Ruti the cat leads her canine friend, a Jack Russell terrier named Pemba, home after one too many Milk-Bones. With the leash in her mouth, Ruti is no nonsense about the walk, giving Pemba some stern meows when he gets distracted along the way. Owner of the two pets, Darna Kopelis, first uploaded the YouTube video this past weekend after capturing the short clip during their morning walk. With a sassy swish of her tale, Ruti gets the walk done and could just be the best “designated walker” a pup could as for.

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