CDZA’s ‘Hip Hop Shopping Spree’ Puts the Musical $56 Million Price Tag on Livin’ Large [VIDEO]



There is a fine art to finishing a video — if you don’t have a traditional beginning, middle and end structure, you wind up having that “so yeah …” moment before you reach up and turn off the webcam.

CDZA, the young YouTube superstars-in-training have just such a moment with their latest video “Hip Hop Shopping Spree” (Opus No. 21). They have this brilliantly fun idea to do a “shopping spree” with all the swag boasted about in hip hop songs and show jerks like me how much it would cost to live the “hip hop lifestyle.” After the G4 jet, the Lambos, Ferraris, and fur coats, you’re looking in the neighborhood of $56,664,805.81.

And that is cool, but then the performance stops while the video keeps running. Finally the lead just kind of slides down awkwardly. Give me something to believe in, damnit! I need closure! But the video is otherwise a good one — I give it however many stars out of however many stars I need to give it so that you will watch it.

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