Change Your Facebook Profile Pic To A Red Equals Sign in Support of Gay Marriage Today

Holy Facebook trends, internet!

So it turns out that isn’t a virus infecting people’s Facebook profile pics, but rather an “equals” sign in support of gay marriage.


The Supreme Court is weighing in this week on two landmark cases concerning equal rights for homosexuals, and as such, the social media world has responded in kind. There is no definitive source apparently on who started the trend — I learned of it on “Unicorn Booty,” my new go-to source for all things hip in social media and gay activism. But now that it’s out there, well, clearly I am in favor of it.

The icon, which is a pink “equals” sign against a red backdrop, is a reminder not only of what the day means, but also a symbol for all the people who have fought and died to advance the plight of homosexuals to the point where the Supreme Court could deliberate over cases concerning their equal rights to life, love and happiness. Even NewMediaRockstars has gotten involved, changing our Facebook logo to red in support of what is just decent humanity.


I would change my personal Facebook profile too, but I feel like writing this supportive article in complete favor of equal rights for gays, straights, lizard people, minorities, transgenders, decline-to-states, and anyone or anything else, is a pretty good indicator of my stance.

The sad thing is, I will probably get hate mail from minorities and transgenders claiming I am still discriminatory because I listed them after “lizard people.” Such is the existence I have carved out for myself.

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