Conde Nast Launches New Online Video Network For ‘Glamour’ Girls and ‘GQ’ Guys


Publishing tycoon Conde Nast released details, and premiere episodes to go along with them, about their new video networking site hosting original web series for Glamour and GQ readers. The new network has been created with the purpose of providing entertaining relevant content to readers that will compliment the articles found within each popular magazine. In the Conde Nast press release, President of Conde Nast Entertainment Dawn Ostroff said: “With the launch of our digital network, featuring programming inspired by the exceptional Condé Nast brands, we are creating more ways for our unparalleled audience of influencers and trendsetters to experience their favorite content. Consumers will now be able to view and share authentic Condé Nast video series across all platforms, in easily-accessible ways.”

For Glamour readers, Conde Nast has created shows that feature makeover stories (“Elevator Makeover”), fashion advice (“Glamour DOs and DON’Ts of the Week”) and woman on the street interviews asking men for some clarity around their actions (“Why Do Guys…”). With the focus being on fashion and relationships, Glamour’s channel will continue the discussions found within the pages of their magazine onto the online space in new, interactive ways. “As a brand, Glamour offers a 360-degree perspective on our reader’s life – from her fashion obsessions to her pop-culture tastes to her politics,” said Cindi Leive, Editor-in-Chief of Glamour in a press release from Glamour. “Every page, every blog post, every event is a reflection of the conversation women are having. We’re excited to continue that conversation with digital video, a natural next step for us.”

And for the gentlemen, GQ has taken a focus on creating shows surrounding the topics of health, with the creation of “Fighting Weight” and “Jogging with James,” and fashion with the show “The Ten.” GQ Editor-in-Chief Jim Nelson commented in the press release that, “At GQ, it is our number one priority to provide our audience with coverage and insight on everything from style and culture to entertainment. These new digital series give fans of GQ even more of their favorite content from the most stylish voice in fashion and culture.”

These new web series mark a turning point for Conde Nast, which has firmly established itself as a top-flight publisher with over 128 magazines. Their move into the digital space demonstrates the shift in readers’ preference from magazine and print to the online space, a shift that Conde Nast must also make in order to stay connected with younger audiences.

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