Cracked’s ‘If the Internet Were People’ Throws An Awesome Party [VIDEO]


If the internet were people and they all worked in an office together, just imagine how much fun that would be? There would be no mystery in the personalities. You’d know exactly who you were hanging out with at all times. If you wanted to talk movies, you could spend watercooler time with IMDB. Sure, he’d probably be a bit of a know-it-all, but in small doses, damn, you’d learn a lot.

Or think how much fun “Break Media” would be? The two of you could pull pranks on lame-ass Zynga. And The Chive would be the office pussyhound with a heart of gold. You two could go for drinks and chase skirt on your lunch breaks.

Cracked, in their video, makes the mistake of finding the worst attributes in all the internet. Sure, Reddit would be pontificating and pretentious, but he would also kick ass at the office Secret Santa. And Facebook would know where all the parties are. Yelp would know where to go for food and whether they accepted credit cards. Hell, Cracked would be hilarious and informative with their zany lists. They were right about one thing though — Bing sucks.

And once you fired Perez Hilton, there wouldn’t be any bullshit drama to deal with.