Dailymotion and Pulse Esports Team Up For Video Game Competition Channel

In a bid to compete against the video game offerings on YouTube, Dailymotion and professional video gaming organization Pulse Esports are teaming up to bring more gaming content as well as a new “eSport” tournament where teams will compete in video game competitions that will be featured on the video-streaming site, the companies announced today.

The new Pulse Esports channel is significant because the top three eSports accounts on the site have a combined viewer count that totals more than 469 million. Starting today, Dailymotion will show clips of Pulse teams competing against each other in video games like “Call of Duty: Black Ops II,” “League of Legends,” “Halo 4” and “Starcraft II.”

Martin Rogard, executive vice president of content for Dailymotion, said in a statement: “The video game sector is one where we recorded the strongest growth this past year. The number of views has multiplied by more than ten times and we are excited to expand on this growth with our latest partnership with Pulse Esports.”

Besides uploading highlights of video game teams going head to head, Dailymotion will also stream live tournaments such as Electronic Sports World Cup and The Gamer’s Assembly 2013. Although details are scarce, Dailymotion will also host its own video game competition series where teams compete for qualification to some of the world’s most prominent video game tournaments.

You can see what the Pulse Esports Dailymotion channel has to offer in the trailer above.