Daredevil Dies Attempting to Emulate DevinSuperTramp Rope Swing YouTube Stunt



So YouTube has a little more blood on its hands, and that line between responsibility and spectacle has become slightly fuzzier.

Kyle Lee Stocking, 22, was attempting to copy YouTube creator DevinSuperTramp’s fantastically dangerous “World’s Longest Rope Swing” video stunt on Sunday, when something went tragically wrong.

Miscalculating the amount of rope needed to swing safely beneath the 110-foot Corona Arch near Moab, Utah, Stocking made the harness line too long and slammed into the ground below.

Lt. Kim Neal of the Grand County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement to ABCNews.com that many people have attempted the rope swing stunt in the wake of DevinSuperTramp’s video last year, which garnered 17 million views.


Matt Walker, a YouTube commenter who was apparently at the scene of the accident posted this to DevinSuperTramp’s page: “I was there and held his limp body with others until he passed. No one is at fault, it was a action with a consequence and should be left at that. These professionals are not to blame for what they do and should be done with extreme caution if it is copied. What these guys do really is amazing but they should not be blamed for this movie.NEVERTRYTHIS.”

While I completely agree that YouTube and its creators should never be held responsible or accountable for anything that results in injury or death from copying actions seen in videos, this also hasn’t been the first incident. Last September, a 15-year-old boy, David Nuno, died after attempting the pass out challenge — an oxygen deprivation stunt made popular on YouTube.

While I don’t pretend that kids listen to those warnings messages that you find at the intro to dangerous stunt-style shows (DevinSupertramp’s channel doesn’t have one), I’ve got to believe that YouTube will eventually be pressured into making a change.

We’ve reached out to Fullscreen and DevinSuperTramp’s camp for a comment and will update when we know more, but for now, NMR’s thoughts go out to the family of the young man.

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