‘DEMOS’ Dailymotion Web Series Focuses On Success in Independent Hip-Hop

DEMOS — Black Thought: “Choose Your Lane” by DemosDocumentary
An exclusive 30-minute sneak preview of documentary film about the independent hip-hop industry titled “DEMOS: An Independent Artist’s Guide to Success,” featuring interviews with Kendrick Lamar and Murs, will premiere on Dailymotion May 22.

But hip-hop fans don’t have to wait until May to watch the documentary. Dailymotion is releasing outtakes and exclusive interviews with artists like Lamar, Murs, Black Thought and Talib Kweli once a week until the film’s premiere as part of its new web series “DEMOS: The Web Series.”

Kareem Fort, who directed the film, said in a statement that he is “excited” to partner with Dailymotion on exposing independent hip-hop artists: “The fact that the entire team understands and supports my vision and shares my enthusiasm about DEMOS and what it can contribute to the hip hop culture makes me confident that this is just the beginning of a great relationship.”

The web series and the documentary film collected interviews from various hip-hop artists talking about what defines their success and how they managed to become successful independent from the larger record labels.

Fort, who is also the chief operating officer at HipNott Records, said that being successful as an independent hip-hop artist is not only achievable, but it happens worldwide in various ways.

See the latest episode of “DEMOS: The Web Series” featuring Black Thought in the video above.