DevinSuperTramp YouTube Channel Hits 1 Million Subs, Announces Original Series With Fullscreen


A few weeks ago we spoke with YouTube filmmaker Devin Graham (DevinSuperTramp) right on the heels of his newest release featuring Shaycarl, “World’s Most Insane Rope Swing.” To date, “World’s Most…” is one of Graham’s most popular uploads with over 9 million views and counting.

With the extreme stunt filmmaker churning out viral hit after viral hit, it comes as no surprise that the DevinSuperTramp YouTube channel recently joined the 1 million subscriber club.

In addition to this milestone, Fullscreen, the network Graham is represented by, and the YouTuber have finalized a deal to co-produce an exclusive online series featuring extreme sports and stunts that are so very much in Graham’s wheelhouse.

“Devin’s talent is rare and undeniable,” says Sami Kriegstein, Fullscreen’s Vice President of Talent. “Not only does he create beautiful, daring videos, but he truly understands how to connect with his audience. We’re privileged to work with him to bring his channel to the next level.”



Graham is hoping this partnership will help expand his already  eclectic portfolio of high octane videos. “Being a successful filmmaker on YouTube today means constantly surprising your audience,” says Graham. “Teaming up with Fullscreen has opened up creative and outside-the-box opportunities for me to continually wow and engage my audience.”

There’s still no concrete details on the Fullscreen and Graham web series. However, with the connections and resources of one of YouTube’s top networks and Graham’s eye for the extreme, I think it’s safe to expect pure epicness.

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