Dillon Francis ‘Bootleg Fireworks’ Music Video is a Viral Acid Trip [VIDEO]



Whether you like or hate this video (there is no middle ground) depends on how you feel about acid (Lysergic Diethylamide, not h2so4). Personally, I fear the stuff (got bit by “the snake”), so that probably makes me a terrible reviewer for this video, but, well, here we are.

This is Dillon Francis’ music video for his single “Bootleg Fireworks.” Over 230,000 people have tuned in so far, so you should probably watch it too (or come off looking like a real “melvin”). While the video is an innovative idea (I feel like this guy also directed Azealia Banks’ recent effort though), the music has that “dubstep vibe” where it’s like the chief musical characteristic is an almost sociopathic need to fuck up the beat. I am probably just getting old, but, my God, why can’t I have a good consistent dance rhythm? It’s almost like these performers are getting together and saying, “How can we make un-music?”

Francis has this sick beat that pulses throughout, but he overproduces on it, apparently feeling that if one breakbeat is a good thing, 6 thousand of them must be epic. I just want that damn beat with his creative giant head superimposed against a green screen of pop culture moments — is that too much to ask? Also, maybe a Denny’s “early bird” special and a warm pair of slippers. And something with Regis Philbin in it — I like him. He seems kind.


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