Dragon Space Shuttle Has Awesome Live Stream Launch [Feed, Video]



Space … [dramatic pause] is friggin’ awesome!

Space is basically the only link we have to fantastic magic-like inconceivables. We lost Santa, sorcery, time travel, God, Bigfoot, ghosts, dick-growing pills and Lance Armstrong, but we still have space and its (so-far) infinite possibilities.

I don’t believe in aliens, but with space and its far reaches, I can at least believe in the potential of them. And now, today, as a global society we have once more stretched our fingers skyward and dared to dream “what if?” Long story short, today we packed a large, p*nis-shaped cylinder full of explosive fuel and fired it into orbit.

The SpaceX Corporation, a private company dedicated to space exploration (how long before this becomes a front for a James Bond supervillain?), launched the awesomely named Dragon rocket today, which was loaded with supplies for the international space station.

The launch, which occurred at 10:10 a.m. EST, was broadcast in a successful live stream, though the rocket experienced a thruster issue shortly after it reached low orbit. Updates are expected to be made throughout the day on their live feed (posted below) as to how this will affect the planned sync-up with the station — an event expected to occur on March 2nd.

So make sure you check out the rocket video above (which is amazing!) and then tune in to the feed below to witness the Dragon shuttle quite possibly be hijacked by — fingers crossed — a ragtag band of wise-cracking misfit space pirates. Like I said, it’s space — anything’s possible.


Streaming Live by Ustream

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