‘Dubstep Solves Everything 3’ is A True MUST WATCH [VIDEO]



Jack Douglass, a YouTube star probably better known by his YouTube handle, “Jacksfilms” has just developed something delicious for your workday (watch this video when your boss goes into the bathroom to take his diabetes medication).

Called “Dubstep Solves Everything 3,” I initially went, “Hot Christ, not another dubstep video — I mean [loads, cocks rifle] we’re turning into Grand Central Dubstep Station around here! [begins firing randomly] We should just change the name of the feshuggin’ magazine to NewDubstepRockstars already! [screams demands at the SWAT team outside]. Don’t get me wrong, dubstep is fine in small doses during snowmobile flipping exhibitions at the Winter X Games, but enough is enough! [puts end of rifle barrel in mouth, finger tenses on trigger] What’s that you say? This video in effect mocks dubstep [and does so in hilarious fashion]? Well then (Jeff sits back at desk like nothing ever happened, continues writing video review, co-workers flee for exits).”

I should have known to expect better from the innovator of such fine content as the long-running “Your Grammar Sucks” series. This video is no doubt going viral (as most of his videos do — dude’s got over 700,000 subscribers), the real question is does it have the momentum to go viral-est?

Catchy song, hilarious images, a pretty girl and a visit from “Auto-tune Jesus.” My Magic 8-ball says, “Abso-fucking-lutely.” Of course, my Magic 8-ball is possessed by the soul of a wacky, jive-talking pimp from the late 1970s. So it tends to say that a lot. It also asks me if “I’ve got its money” a lot. Turns out I’m a “busted-ass, good-for-nothing bitch.”

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