Easily Find and View YouTube Music Video Lyrics with Browser Add-On


Many of us are tempted to sing along when we watch a music video on YouTube, but trying to get the lyrics right can become a hassle. Usually, you have to resort to opening another tab and searching for the lyrics. A few videos on YouTube are generous enough to post the lyrics, but that means scrolling down to read the lyrics while missing the video.

Fortunately, a web browser add-on has come to the rescue to save us from hunting for lyrics. YouTube Lyrics by Rob W searches for lyrics from various sources and automatically places them conveniently next to the video that you’re watching. Once you’ve downloaded the add-on, you can enjoy its functions immediately without restarting your browser. The lyrics screen can be resized, moved and closed at any time.

If you feel that the lyrics are a bit off, you can move to another version by clicking the different source link below the song title on the lyrics screen. The add-on is currently available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

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