ESPN Might Have The Worst Tumblr Site On The Planet

Starting a Tumblr is easy. Starting and maintaining a good Tumblr is hard. ESPN just found this out in awkwardly public fashion.

Trending for all the wrong reasons, the ESPN Tumblr account has the makings of another “#McDStories” — another high profile social media miss. See, ESPN apparently only had the knowledge that a thing called Tumblr exists. They know that it should have pictures on it and that somehow, someway there ought to be something called a “meme” that is associated with it.


And so, in tragic fashion, since ESPN apparently doesn’t have the rights to broadcast clips from actual March Madness games, they’ve started their own thing: #StarchMadness. If you’re guessing that that sounds like an awful, awful pun in which photos of chips and bread and potatoes are poorly photoshopped into the hands of college basketball players, well then, you are sadly right.

Remember the apparent heyday of ESPN back when their Sportscenter clips were just about the funniest thing on TV? Well, that is not who is running their Tumblr. The “social media manager” for ESPN is a lady named Katie Richman — I don’t know if she is directly responsible for the miserable Tumblr experience, but if she is, it’s probably a telling sign that she calls the site “Tumbr” on her LinkedIn profile. Yup.


Compounding the misery is that, aside from very little content on the site, they offer up the following slogan in a giant, excited font: WE BELIEVE THAT WHILE THERE ARE PLENTY OF MUNDANE, FORGETTABLE THINGS IN THE WORLD, SPORTS ARE DEFINITELY NOT ONE OF THEM. SPORTS ARE CRAZY. THEY’RE UNPREDICTABLE, INSPIRING AND DRAMATIC. AND THAT’S WHY WE’RE ALL SUCH BIG FANS.

Hopefully they include their Tumblr feed as one of those mundane, forgettable things….

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