Facebook Games Sees 24 Percent Increase In Users


If you thought that Facebook games like “Farmville” were a dying trend, think again.

Facebook told Bloomberg this week that the social networking site is experiencing a 24 percent increase in the number of users playing games like “Farmville 2” and other offerings by independent developers on the network. This means that 250 million users are spending valuable time at work or at home playing these games and sending you countless invites to join them.

One probable reason why games are growing on Facebook is because the company is less reliant on Zynga, once the dominant provider of Facebook games, and encouraging other developers to host their games on the social networking site.

Facebook makes money from games by taking a commission — sometimes up to 30 percent — from dollar purchases for products or accessories in a game like a cow or tractor in “Farmville 2.” They also take a cut from revenue made by developers who use Facebook for their games.

With strong growth, Bloomberg Businessweek reports that Facebook is anticipating around 10 new games with third-party developers later this year, so you can expect many more ads for games in your newly improved news feed in the future.

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