Facebook Tests Newly Revamped Timeline Layout In New Zealand

Facebook users will see their timelines tweaked a little bit differently in the near future.

Screenshot of the new facebook layout, thenextweb.com

Screenshot of the new facebook layout, thenextweb.com

According to The Next Web, the social media site is testing out their new timeline in New Zealand, which includes a single column in the middle for status updates and a “like” button that would encourage more people to notice featured pages. Facebook has made it a practice to test new features in New Zealand before rolling them out worldwide.

The single column for status updates and uploads, which will take up two thirds of a Facebook user’s timeline, would make it less confusing to Facebook users frustrated with the current two-column status updates. Besides the switch to the single-column layout for status, the new Facebook revamp will place its “About,” “Likes” and “Friends” sections on the left-hand side of the timeline and the years on the far-right hand side.

No word yet from Facebook on when its updated timelines will go live worldwide.

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