Facebook Users To See Targeted Ads Inside Their News Feeds


Facebook users will see ads in their news feed in the future thanks to a plan by the company that will allow more businesses to run ads based on users’ browsing history.

The company launched Facebook Exchange (FBX) last fall so advertisers can post retargeted ads to users. However, advertisers were only limited to posting ads on the right-hand side of users’ pages. Now that Facebook is letting them post inside the news feed as well as the right-hand side, it’s easier for advertisers to reach their customers while making it harder for users to ignore or scroll away.

In a blog post, Facebook Studio wrote: “Allowing advertisers to reach people in News Feed is important because people spend more time in News Feed than any other part of Facebook. We also believe that ads delivered through FBX will create more relevant ads for people.”

While the feature is currently being tested by only some selected advertisers, it will expand to become available to more businesses in the coming weeks.


The Facebook Studio blog showed a post from a grocery market close to Facebook headquarters in Silicon Valley that touted the market’s fresh apples as an example of what the targeted ads on news feeds would look like. They look like regular posts from your friends or the brands that you follow.

Facebook Studio insisted that the changes won’t affect the number of ads that people will see in their feed.

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