Facebook Announcement: New Layout Is Image-Heavy and Includes Multiple News Feeds


Facebook is revamping its network starting today to become consistent across all platforms by adding multiple news feeds based on categories of interest and putting a heavy focus on visual images.

Zuckerberg told the audience at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California that the upgraded news feed would be like a “personalized newspaper”: “We believe that the best personalized newspaper should have broad diversity of content. It should enable you to drive into any topic you want to discuss.”

The founder said that the new design would be heavy on images and that it is “designed for the way we’re all sharing today and the trends going forward.”

Some of the new features from the update announced by his team include larger photos, bringing timeline features such as cover photos to certain status updates like the adding of friends, and several news feeds based on interests like music, photos, news and status updates. Facebook users can choose to get all updates from their friends or choose from one of seven feeds to get their information.

Besides making major changes to the news feeds, Facebook is also revamping its layout so that its look for mobile phones will be consistent across all platforms. You can see how this will look in the image below.


These changes will likely make Facebook less cluttered than it is in its current form through organization based on specific interests.

The new Facebook layout will be introduced to select desktop users and will be available to other users on the web, tablets and smartphones in the coming weeks.

This announcement signals the biggest change to the news feed since the company introduced it in 2006. It also confirms some of the speculations reported by TechCrunch, which first reported the rumored news feed changes earlier this week.

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