Facebook’s News Feed Revamp To Possibly Include Multiple Feeds

Facebook is closer to revamping its news feed for the first time since the feature was introduced in 2006, TechCrunch reports.


While specific details are scarce in the lead-up to Thursday’s big press conference from Facebook, multiple sources told the website that the most significant change to the news feed feature would be the option to switch to several different content-specific news feeds. This could include a dedicated music feed where you can find what your friends are listening to on music streaming sites or what upcoming concerts they may attend. Other possible feeds may include a dedicated photo feed and a videos feed.

Besides the various sub-feeds, Facebook’s news feed feature may also include bigger photos in posts from users, pages and advertisers. The changes will likely be implemented first on desktop platforms before heading to mobile devices.

Although Facebook has introduced many newer features like the timeline, promoted posts and improved images, the news feed feature has not had an update in nearly six years. These changes could improve an otherwise cluttered and confusing array of various status updates and advertisements.

The news feed revamp isn’t the only major change that Facebook is embarking on this month. It is currently testing changes to the timeline in New Zealand, which could be implemented worldwide later this year.

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