FanBridge Update Lets Creators Track Social Media Impact on YouTube Watch Time


Content creators can find out how much of an impact their email and social media marketing has on their YouTube views and, most importantly, time watched thanks to a new feature on the audience tracking platform FanBridge.

In a blog post, Team FanBridge wrote: “Now, every email newsletter, social media post, fan share, etc. that you manage or create via your FanBridge account is directly tracked to the number of minutes of YouTube watch time they drive for your YouTube Channel.”

This means that YouTube’s application programming interface information will be a part of FanBridge dashboard. Content creators can check out how many minutes their email and social media marketing efforts have contributed to the channel’s total watch time. The feature helps content creators find out which activities encourage more views and which activities don’t work.

Besides tying marketing efforts with total watch time, the FanBridge update also includes information for content creators who want to check out which individual videos are getting attention and which videos need more promotion.

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