F**k Your Childhood: ‘Top 10 Most Brutal Disney Villain Deaths!’ [VIDEO]


I’m on board with any YouTube video that has the phrase “Jafar fucking goes H.A.M on these fools” in it. It’s not often that my two favorite things — going hard as a mother fucker and “Aladdin” — have the unique opportunity to exist in the same sentence together.

Luckily, the1janitor’s latest video, “Top 10 Most Brutal Disney Villain Deaths!” has been gaining steam on ol’ Reddit, and thus landed on my desk.

Essentially, this YouTuber has successfully broken down the weirdest, most violent Disney deaths that for some reason we’ve all blacked out of our memories or simply never realized how brutal they are.

Also, I totally forgot that Frollo from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” is a borderline rapist, so thanks for the reminder, pal.

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