FPSRussia’s Properties Raided By 40 Federal Agents


Nearly 40 ATF agents raided two of YouTube personality FPSRussia’s properties last Tuesday, according to an Athens Banner-Herald story.

ATF spokesman Richard Coes justified the raid, telling the Athens Banner-Herald:

“The claim is that [FPSRUSSIA] was using explosives and getting paid for it via YouTube.”

The raid was conducted to find explosives used by Kyle Myers, the man behind the FPSRussia character, because the ATF believed that he may have been violating federal law regulating such explosives. Coes also said:

A person is required to obtain a federal explosives manufacturing license if they intend to engage in the business of manufacturing explosives for sale, distribution or for their own business.

According to Sheriff Mike Cleveland of Hart County, FPSRussia regularly used Tannerite, a brand name for an ammonium nitrate/aluminum powder-based explosive used mainly for target practice. Although the use of Tannerite is legal, it’s only so up to certain amounts.

ATF agents also search a second property belonging to Myers, a farm in Hart County that has occasionally served as a filming for his FPSRussia episodes.

Although the ATF states that the search was based on his use of explosives, Franklin County Sheriff Stevie Thomas gave WHLR a contradicting statement. He said that Tuesday’s raids were in connection with the Keith Ratliff homicide investigation, the business partner of FPSRussia who was shot dead three months ago from a single gunshot wound to the head.

Although no arrest have been made, it’s unclear whether any explosives were seized.

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