Game Theory: Rewired Nintendo Controllers Serve As Beat Box For Awesome Mashup Song [VIDEO]



This world breaks down into two basic groups: “actors” and “waiters.” The waiters all want to be “actors,” but they are never quite motivated enough to do anything about it. The “actors” never want to be “waiters,” though they sometimes complain that their lives would be easier if they were.

The folks at Ithaca Audio are definitely “actors.” They have used their acquired skills to rewire four old school Nintendo Game controllers and one big N64 controller into the makings of a craft-style beat box. Each button controls one sound/video clip — from the bleeps and blips of “Super Mario Bros.” to samples of “China Girl” by David Bowie, 19 distinct sounds have been harmonized and blended to create one very sophisticated song/music video.

Look, I would honestly tell you if I thought the song were garbage; I am not interested in preserving people’s “emotional integrity” — that doesn’t make for compelling articles. This song is fantastic though, and the level of skill in not only creating it, but manufacturing and rewiring the controllers is a ridiculous achievement in its own right. These folks have numerous talents; I only have the ability to store a winter’s worth of food in my belly button (of course, like the grasshopper in Aesop’s fable, I am too lazy to actually gather any food for the winter, so that doesn’t even really count).

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