Get Your ‘Portal 2’ Fix With Episode One Of Machinima’s ‘Aperture R&D’


A few weeks ago, we brought you news of a brand new Machinima series based in the widely successful “Portal 2” video game universe. Well, it turns out Machinima and production company Wayside Creations are quick on the turn around if nothing.

Episode one of “Aperture R&D” is here and, much like Wayside’s previous “Fallout: Nuka Break,” this new web series pays the utmost homage to Valve, developer of “Portal,” and their dark, sardonic slant.


Video game spin-offs are a risky business as the smoldering ruins that were films like “Mortal Kombat,” “Super Mario Bros.” and “Street Fighter” still linger fresh in our collective memories. However, the web has given companies the ability to create shows about titles the video game community loves that maybe don’t have as much mainstream appeal (i.e “Fallout” and “Portal”).

It is an interesting time for game developers simply because the presence of digital video almost guarantees that someone, somewhere will make a parody or series about their title. Hopefully, with enough solid titles like “Aperture R&D,” we can one day forget about the dreaded “Double Dragon” movie.

You can check out episode one of “Aperture R&D” above. For more video game web series, also check out “The Skyrim Parodies’ Kristen Nedopak Talks Digital Dragon Slaying.”