Golf Boys ‘2.Oh’ Latest in Line of Terrible Viral ‘Sequels’ [VIDEO]



There are few things worse than a bad sequel (okay, Joseph Kony maybe comes to mind). In film, “Caddyshack 2” and “Son of the Mask” probably top that list. On YouTube, the “New Numa” song immediately comes to mind, and now, so does Golf Boys “2.Oh.”

To its credit, this video is done for charity as none of these guys are desperately hard up for cash like Gary Brolsma probably is (sad that I don’t know trigonometry and yet I didn’t have to look up that name), but that doesn’t make it okay. What if you found out that 30% of all Holocaust-related earnings were going to Greenpeace? Maybe I’m comparing apples to oranges here, but, man, enough with this already.

The first video was obnoxious but fun; this is just cloying. These guys aren’t good enough at rap or golf to make me come back for seconds. I get the vibe that more money was spent on creating this video with its tricked out golf cart, giant novelty baseball hat (the second one I’ve mentioned in the last week) and probably craft services. Not to mention a video crew. Considering how much money was probably spent on this half-cooked sequel, I feel like a few South American families could have had a lifetime of fresh, clean water. But then, we’d have no idea how Ricky Fowler likes to wear his hat or how Ben Crane looks in an eagle costume. Hmm, you know what? I’ll make peace with that.

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