Google Science Fair Seeks Entries That Could Change The World

Google is asking elementary and high school students worldwide to submit their best science experiments that could change the world for their 3rd Annual Google Science Fair. The contest is in collaboration with LEGO, National Geographic and the European Organization for Nuclear Research, also known as CERN.

Students from 90 countries ages 13 to 18 are eligible to enter the contest, provided they have a Google account on file. They can enter as themselves or as part of a group by clicking here.


Of course, since this is sponsored by Google, active use of YouTube and Google+ Hangouts are actively encouraged in brainstorming ideas and finalizing submissions.

Once submissions are entered by April 30, Google will award four prizes based on each of the three age categories and the grand prize. The winner of the grand prize will get a $50,000 scholarship, a trip to the Galapagos Islands with National Geographic and a tour of either the CERN, Google or LEGO offices.

Scientific American will give out a separate Science In Action award of $50,000 to the experiment that “makes a practical difference by addressing an environmental, health or resources challenge.” In addition, in August, Google users will get to vote on the Inspired Idea Award for the Google Science Fair experiment that has the greatest potential to change the world.

For a simple breakdown on the rules, watch this video below and remember that your entries must be submitted by April 30.

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