Google Trends Integrates YouTube Trend Searches


This week, Google announced that its YouTube Trends feature will integrate with Google Trends, which means that all trend searches for Google and YouTube will all be in one place.

You can search for YouTube trends all the way back to 2008 with information broken down based on region, time and category. If you want to limit your searches to just YouTube videos, all you have to do is go to the “Limit to” section and click “YouTube search.”

Kevin Allocca, YouTube Trends manager, pointed out some interesting search results from YouTube Trends in his latest blog post. For instance, on a “Harlem Shake” popularity search, users can find that people are still searching for “Harlem Shake” on YouTube, but then find from the Google Trends search that its peak was on March 3.

Other tidbits mentioned in the blog post about the new YouTube Trends search on Google Trends include obvious items like dramatic spikes for turkey during the month of November, and of course, the day when Rebecca Black searches spike the most — you should definitely know that by now.