Gritty Reboots On The Inspiration Behind Their ‘Pokemon Snap’ YouTube Reimagining


The YouTube generation have, through a variety of wildly successful videos, become synonymous with reimagining. Some of YouTube’s most definitive videos have been parodies (Smosh’s “Pokemon” theme) or new takes on classic, beloved games, TV shows and films (basically every Epic Rap Battles of History video).

Video games in particular have become a staple for nostalgia-tinted content, especially as the YouTube generation — 18-35 year olds — grew up with those titles so often recreated. It’s those collective childhood memories that makes budding YouTube channels like Gritty Reboots so successful.

The channel’s recent upload, “Pokemon Snap: Gritty Reboot,” taps into the internet audience’s shared fondness for Pokemon by reimagining the original N64 title “Pokemon Snap” as a live-action trailer.


Forest Gibson, a co-founder of Gritty Reboots spoke about the inspiration behind the video saying, “We were brainstorming parody videos to make for our other YouTube Channel around the launch of the Wii U. ‘Pokémon Snap’ was on the top of the list, for its nostalgic value, how well it would work with Wii U, and the fact that Nintendo has specifically said they won’t be making a new one.” Gibson added, “This was right around the same time we came up with the idea for ‘Gritty Reboots’ and thought: ‘Pokémon Snap’ deserved more than a silly parody commercial — it needed a full blown highly produced ‘Gritty Reboot.’”

You can check out “Pokemon Snap: Gritty Reboot” above, and for more Gritty Reboots, you can visit their YouTube channel here.


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